33 weeks

Man I have slacked!!  I’ve thought a lot about posting, but life has gotten in the way!  We have been very busy and things aren’t slowing down too much with Christmas just around the corner!  Oh well….it’s our normal anymore to be always on the go!

Let’s see…I’ve had another ultrasound!  Little peanut is growing and doing great!  Baby is head down and is weighing about 4 lbs 2oz.  Heartbeat remains strong as it has been during the whole pregnancy.  I’ve also had the wonderful glucose test…..I really dread that thing!  I love being pregnant, but that test is the one thing I can not stand.  I’m more then willing the do all the shots, blood draws, ect needed for an IVF pregnancy without complaining, but I’ll complain all day about drinking the worst sugary drink ever!!!  I did have the fruit punch again this time (also had it with my last surro baby…they only had orange with my kids) and I’ll say it is better then the orange, but still horrible!  In case you are aware, the make you drink so many ounces (maybe 6 or 8) in 15 minutes then you have to wait an hour for your blood to be taken.  Thankfully my doctor’s office is ok with me leaving for that hour so I went to work for a bit then headed back to have my blood taken.  Not sure what it was about this time, but I felt horrible the entire day….I really don’t think the baby liked all the sugar!  My test did come back ok so no diabetes for me!

Baby has been an eggplant (28 weeks), an acorn squash (29 weeks), a zucchini (30 weeks), an asparagus (31 weeks) and a squash (32 weeks).

Baby at 33 weeks :  Baby is as big as a Celery

Image result for celery

  • Baby’s keeping eyes open while awake.
  • Baby’s also starting to coordinate breathing with sucking and swallowing.
  • The bones are hardening.
  • And baby’s going through (more) major brain development-that’s one smart baby!
  • Baby weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. And may grow up to a full inch this week—amazing.

Bump:  My kids are loving the growing bump!  They love to hug on the baby and give kisses!  Very often I get hugs and kisses at night and so does the belly!

(I took this picture last night after a long day….I was sleepy!!!)

Movement:  100%!!  Funny story…at church one day during communion the kids were getting a little restless.  At first I had them put there hands on the belly to see if they could feel the baby move.  Then I had 5 little hands on my belly (we were sitting with 3 of Milena’s friends)!  Thankfully I’m at the point where you can see movement as well as feel it so I had them all take their hands off and everyone was staring at the belly!  This entertained them for the whole time!  They did get louder then normally because they got so excited when they say movement!  It was super cute!

Weight Gain:  So far I’ve gained about 21 pounds.  Which isn’t too bad!  I normally gain around 35 pounds total with a pregnancy.  I looked back on my last surro pregnancy and I had gained about 24 pounds at this point, so I guess I’m doing a little better.

Cravings:  Nothing specific, just food!  Still prefer hamburgers if I get a choice and ice cream, but nothing like a true craving where I have to have it!

Symptoms:  The cramps have stopped…yippee!  But the heartburn has kicked up a notch!  It’s worst at night.  I now take a Zantac before bed (doctor recommended) in order to sleep.  I was waking up every 2 hours or so with major burning in my chest and back.  I’d sometimes pop a few tums, but they weren’t really helping.  The Zantac is working wondering and I’m able to get more sleep…yippee!! I do still take the tums during the day which helps.  Swelling has also started!  Mostly in my ankles and legs, but I’ve also noticed that my hands and wrists are getting tight as the day goes one.


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